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The  East Kent Branch of the OUS was set up in the early 1970s by Oxford alumni and alumnae living in East Kent. At first it existed purely for social occasions, which proved to be very popular. Later, we established the grant scheme which, from its inception, has received enthusiastic support from all members. It was the first branch of the OUS to establish a fund financed by donations from its members to assist students to travel or carry out projects relating to their studies. The fund provides bursaries for Oxford students who live in East Kent, or who have attended independent or state secondary schools here. The area covered includes Canterbury, Faversham, Sittingbourne, Ashford, Dover, Folkestone, Hythe, Deal, Ramsgate, Margate and surrounding areas. Members are asked to make a donation of £10 or more annually to the fund.

The Branch currently has around 150 members. Many of them attend the social events we arrange, most of which generate profits to augment the bursary fund. Over the past twelve years the Branch has donated about £26,500 to support qualifying students.

In 2015, for example, the Branch gave a total of £2,500 to five students, in sums ranging from £200 to £750. The subjects covered included:

– A geological mapping project in the Alps

– Piano masterclasses in Milan

– An ecology field course in Borneo

– An internship at the Department of Culture, Media and Sport

– A mathematics summer school in the USA

The Branch welcomes applications for support from qualifying students. Some of those who have benefited from a bursary are invited to make a presentation of their travel and project to the members of the Branch at its Annual General Meeting in Canterbury in the following October or at some other meeting.


 Accounts for the year to 31 August 2019

[Accounts for 2019-2020 will be posted shortly]


General Account                    Received                           Paid         

                      £                                          £

1.09.2018 Bal bfwd   1,481.45            Sundry general expenses           224.84


AGM and Lunch       20-Oct-18                                                      

38 at £20                   760.00        Expenses      38 plus 2 grantees at £18.50                    740.00

                                    plus grantee expenses 75 plus gratuity 25                            100.00

Christmas Party     08-Dec-18                                                      

34 at £15                   510.00        Expenses                                                 186.00

Spring Lunch 10-Mar-19                                                      

45 at £25                1,125.00         Expenses                                              1,056.61

Summer Lunch 29-Jun-19                                                      

42 at £16 +£2           674.00        Expenses                                               355.61


                                    Surplus on General Account                           1,887.39

Total                         4,550.45          Total                                                4,550.45


Subscription Account                      Received                                       Paid          

1 Sept 2018 Balance brought forward                    1,137.40   Six grants awarded        3,550.00

Subscriptions  Sept – Dec 2018         1,030.00                                   

Subscriptions  Jan – July 2019           1,064.42                                   

Surplus on General Account transferred                 1,887.39     

                               Balance carried forward                 1569.21                    

Total                                                  5,119.21                    5,119.21


Cash at Metro Bank 31 August 2019, equals balance on Subscription Account.                  £1,569.21            

Balance on Subscription Account, as above                                                 1,569.21     


Nigel Beevor, Treasurer                                                               6th September 2019 

Accounts 2019 – 2020

General Account Received Paid
£ £
Sundry general expenses           23.00
AGM and lunch  20th October         675.00 Expenses (inc.tips and fares for grantees        860.00
    30 attendees @£22.50 pp of £160)
Christmas Party at Turner Contemporary, Margate         803.00
14-Dec     34 attendees @ £24.50 pp Expenses        767.00
Deficit on General account –     172.00
Total      1,478.00 Total     1,478.00
Subscription Account Received Paid
1 Sept 2019 Balance b/fwd      1,569.21
Subscriptions/donations No grants awarded 0
Sept – Dec 2019  39 people               895.00
Jan – Aug 2020   10 people               252.50
Deficit on General Account transferred –       172.00 Surplus carried forward     2,544.71
Total      2,544.71 Total               –  
Cash at Metro Bank on 31 August 2020     £2,544.71
Nigel Beevor  – Treasurer, 15 September 2020

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