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The East Kent Branch organises several events each year, including a spring lunch, a summer garden party, the AGM and a pre-Christmas lunch, as well as an outing to Oxford if there is something going on that appeals to members. Often we have informal talks on these occasions, given by members. These are all daytime events, normally on a Saturday or Sunday.
Many of these events support our student grant scheme.
 Dates for your Diary
Early December – date to be confirmed – Christmas Wine and Cheese at Park Gate, courtesy Peter & Mary Morgan

Most recent events

Spring Lunch 2018:

 Our Chairman, Peter Morgan, writes:

“On Saturday 10th March over 40 members and guests enjoyed lunch at the Red Lion, Herne Hill, near Faversham. This is an attractive building which was originally a 13th century hall house, and we met in a private room with exposed beams. After lunch Patrick Wheeler gave an illustrated talk about his recently published book ”Ribbons among the Rajas”, offering an entertaining insight into the lives of Englishwomen choosing a life in India before the Raj, despite an average life expectancy of only five years, and with lovelorn colonials scanning the passenger list of each newly arrived ship, in the hope of finding a wife”.


Christmas lunch 2017

This year’s Christmas lunch was held  on December 2nd at Talbot and Jackie Penner’s fine house at Eastry – not for the first time – food and wine were excellent, most notably a Vacherin cheese brought over the Channel from Calais a day or two earlier. Living in East Kent has its advantages! Many thanks to our hosts for putting on this event, very important for our Bursary Scheme fundraising.



Annual General Meeting 2018

The Annual General Meeting of the East Kent Branch and lunch took place on Saturday, 20 October at The King’s School, St Augustine’s Undercroft – many thanks to the Headmaster and staff.
The business of the AGM passed mercifully swiftly. Our Chairman, Peter Morgan, reported the sad loss of four of our members, and we stood for a minute in remembrance. Re-election of four committee members – Dr.Patrick Wheeler,Mrs. Diane Worth,Mr. Andrew Joynes and Dr. Mark Fernando – was followed by an invitation to others who might feel moved to breathe new life into the Committee to make themselves known. Our Treasurer, Patrick Wheeler, has finally been allowed to retire – many thanks for his 13 years of hard work – and Nigel Beevor will be taking  over for the time being. The year’s three events all went well, though Peter felt it necessary to apologise once again for having to cancel the Summer Garden Party – the feeling of the meeting was that such an apology was entirely unnecessary, and we are all relieved that Mary is well again.
In the absence of our Treasurer, Peter Berg gave a brief presentation of the accounts, the upshot of which being that whilst we have sufficient funds for grants in 2019, the number of ‘subscribing members’ has fallen steadily over the last ten years or so, to the point at which in 2018 there were only 43. Members were urged to do their best, through personal contacts, to encourage others to join us.
 We have awarded five grants this year. The recipients were:
Callum Duff. Pembroke College. To support him during his placement at The  Louvre in Paris.
Felicity Gush. St Catherine’s College. To support her during her placement at the Rene Magritte Museum in Brussels. 
Molly Boot. Regent’s Park College. Molly is an ordinand and our grant enabled her to take part in her college’s trip to experience some of the ecclesiastical landscape in Romania.
Ramani Chandramohan. St Anne’s College . To cover the cost of her fare to the college’s Classic’s Society trip to Lamledra House in Cornwall.
Joseph Double. St Hugh’s College. To enable him to stay in Oxford during the vac to work with his tutor, Dr Thomas Crawford on a project producing a series of outreach content which aims to explain interesting mathematical concepts to a lay audience.


After the AGM it was a great pleasure for us to hear from Molly and Jo about their projects.

Molly, as an ordinand,  went to Romania to explore the various different strands of Christianity there: Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant in various forms, finding that after the fall of communism, faith had prospered . Seldom, though, spiritually led by women: she often had difficulty explaining that she was headed for Anglican priesthood – the best explanation, she found, was to explain that she was training to become a leader or pastor .





Jo’s Long Vac was spent preparing a number of presentations to help laymen understand the farther reaches of mathematics. Examples included non-Euclidian geometry, which may seem utterly inexplicable in laymen’s terms but which Jo was able to allow us a glimmer of understanding. A particularly attractive notion was the idea of communicating with aliens using mathematics, on the basis that the laws of mathematics are universal and not just a human discovery or construct.



Many thanks to Molly and Jo for speaking to us and helping us to feel that there may be hope for mankind after all!



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